Lui Chun Kwong

Lui Chun Kwong has gained familiarity with the concurrent languages of western art throughout the time spent in New York and London during the 80’s and the early 90’s. However, in 1994 after he gained his master’s degree, Lui decided to move back to Hong Kong and started focusing on what for him was most important - an investigation into the foundations of painting over a period of 20 years. His “Landscape series” is a group of abstract paintings that aim to capture the primordial forces of Nature within the boundaries of the canvas – being those opposite energies of cause and effect, fragility and roughness, movement and stillness, order and chaos. Every line that the artist draws compresses the visual world that our eye captures with a single eye-blink by reducing it to the essential. The recent works from the series “Yi Liu Shan Shui”, continue the artist’s reflection on landscape by further exploring those layers of abstraction that have been familiar to Lui’s works over the past twenty years. This marks for the artist a return to his own foundations, where simplicity is sought in the purity of the form.
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