Li Shurui

Li Shurui explores in a wide range of media the relationship between space and light, and began her “Lights” series in 2005 using airbrushing. Now recognized as one of the most well-versed in this technique in China, Li continues to develop her concept of lights and space, and has gained important collectorship from around the world for her work. Her works try to reproduce the sensation that the eye gets when looking directly at light, giving the audience a new sensory experience that creates optical illusions and changes perceptions. Often in large formats, her paintings are powerful not just because of their impressive scale, but the immersive atmosphere they create around their audience and their ability to capture people’s imagination. More recently, Li has developed the concept of ‘spatial painting’ and further explored the interaction between her works and the architectural frame surrounding them, reaching into the realm of tridimensional painting.
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