Wang Yi

Born in 1991 in Shanghai, China. Wang Yi graduated oil painting at the second studio of Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Art with an MFA. He currently lives and works in Shanghai, China. Focusing on presenting a complex plane in a way that results simplicity and purity, Wang Yi explores the deconstruction and reconstruction of a specific space that was once discernable but becomes now ambiguous, at the same time searching an eternality and calmness in his abstract painting. Fascinated by the glazing techniques usually used in classical oil paintings and the transparent atmosphere it gains, Wang Yi applies a classical painting technique into his recent abstract paintings. With the use of only two or three colors in one painting, he deploys nearly transparent paint and overlays the thin paint repeatedly in the same plane as an ascetic, finally creating a retinal game while treating painting itself as a ritual. Shifting from his earlier representational style to absolute abstraction, Wang Yi’s recent works have a theme of minimalism imbued with strictly ruled details. He uses the rational approach of overlapping color to represent the structure of the society, and the relationship between experience and reality, the individuality and the entirety. In his words, as we confront the huge and complex structure of the society comprised of otherness, all our characteristics or endeavors to independence will be annihilated amongst the massive flow of information.
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