Wan Yang

Wan Yang was born in 1983 in Hunan, China and graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. He currently lives and works in Shanghai, China. Wan Yang’s artistic practices intend to expand the boundaries of painting through the interactive and collaborative relationship among computer, painting, and digital imagery. A “method-first” artist, Wan continues to explore new production processes and procedures, and through method feeds into the creative content itself, presenting the geometrical presentation of matter in two dimensions and discovering the possibilities of abstraction in a series of stages. The painting series developed by the artist in recent years include “Carbon” series (2008-2013), “Cloud” series (2013-2019), “Metal” series (2015-2018) and “Colour” series (2020- ). His recent solo exhibitions include “From Rainforest to Mars”, AIKE, Shanghai, China, 2021; “Metal-”, AIKE, Shanghai, China, 2016; “Derivative”, Connoiseur Art Gallery and Connoisseur Contemporary, Hong Kong, China, 2008. His group shows include “Golden Flow”, CHAO Art Center, China, 2020; “Non-objective Realm”, MUD Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2020; “The Atonal River”, AIKE, Shanghai, China, 2019; “Primitive Elements”, ANNEX Space, Fosun Foundation, Shanghai, China, 2018; “Spiral Stairs”, AIKE, Shanghai, China, 2018; “To Be Confirmed”, Jewelvary Art & Boutique, Shanghai, China, 2015; “Ministry of Truth II: The Factitious and Its Realm”, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China, 2014; “Sichuan Hot! New Paintings from Chongqing City, China”, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia; “Word of Mouth from Four Corners”, The 3rd Guiyang Biennale Exhibition, Guiyang Art Museum, Guizhou, China, 2007; “Archaeology of the Future”, The 2nd Triennial of Chinese Art, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China, 2005.
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