Nathan Zhou

Born in 1980 in Dongguan, Guangzhou. He graduated from Guizhou University in English Language and Literature in 2004. He currently lives and works in Shanghai. Nathan Zhou’s work has been exhibited at Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing; chi K11 Art Space, Guangzhou; chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai; Power Station of Art, Shanghai; Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing; MoCA Shanghai; Shanghai Himalayas Museum and SNAP. His selected solo exhibitions include “Give The Time Some Time”, POP-UP GALLERY, Hangzhou, China, 2021; “Purity, Is The Most Beautiful”, LA VIE, G&G Creative Community, Shenzhen, China, 2021; “Nathan Zhou: Just Hang Out, Breathe, Till I Die”, chi K11 art space, Guangzhou, China, 2019; “STREET DOG”, AIKE, Shanghai, 2018; “Star Fires, Players Win—The Beautiful New World 1984”, Paper Wonder, Xiamen, 2018; “Ghost Dog: The Way of The Lofi King”, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing, 2017; “Henri Chinaski’s Short Stories Collection”, AIKE, Shanghai, 2016; “Jericho”, Shanghai V Space, Shanghai, 2016.
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