Jiang Cheng

Born in 1985 in Zhejiang, China, Jiang Cheng graduated from China Academy of Art with B.A. in 2008, and then graduated from China Academy of Art Chinesisch-Deutsche Kunstakademie Department of Painting with M.F.A. in 2012. Currently lives and works in Beijing, China. His recent solo exhibitions include “U”, Downs & Ross, New York, USA, 2021; “The Shiver”, SAISEN Art Space, Shanghai, China, 2021; “U”, AIKE, Shanghai, China, 2020; “Vertigo”, A+Contemporary, Shanghai, China, 2019; “Post Meridiem”, A+Contemporary, Shanghai, China, 2017; “Samen”, de Sarthe Gallery, Beijing, China, 2016. He has also participated in group exhibitions, including “Enduring Movement”, Cloister, Shanghai, China, 2020; “Golden Flow”, CHAO Art Center, Beijing, China, 2020; “The Man of the Crowd”, AIKE, Shanghai, China, 2020; “Qubeiping: Beijing Spring”, Ying Space, Beijing, China, 2017; “The Dilemmas of Painting”, A+Contemporary, Beijing, China, 2017; “LA CHAIR”, A+Contemporary, Shanghai, China, 2016; “Nipple Confusion”, Art Depot, Beijing, China, 2016; “Co Space One”, COSPACE, Shanghai, China, 2015; “Song of Youth”, Moon Gallery, Tai Zhong, China, 2013; “Uneasy Trip in Asia IV”, Poly Gallery, Hong Kong, China, 2013; “Uneasy Trip in Asia III”, Cans Tea & Book House, Taipei, China, 2013; “Fresh Glimpse-1980’s Generation Artists Group Exhibition”, The Other Gallery Art Lab, Beijing, China, 2012; “Rundgang”, The Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany, 2011; “Young Artists Group Exhibition”, Uferhallen, Berlin, Germany, 2011.
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