Condo Shanghai 2019
2019.7.13 - 8.18


Condo Shanghai

Artists: Fang Wei, Ricardo Muñoz Izquierdo, Trevor Shimizu, Ken Kagami, Alfred Boman, Agnieszka Polska

Opening: July 13, 2019 16:00

Exhibition Period: July 13 - August 18, 2019

Supported by: JI ART


For the second edition of Condo Shanghai, AIKE is pleased to host GALERIA ENRIQUE GUERRERO, Misako & Rosen and Union Pacific, presenting an exhibition featuring six artists: Fang Wei, Ricardo Muñoz Izquierdo, Trevor Shimizu, Ken Kagami, Alfred Boman and Agnieszka Polska. Each of the galleries and artists from different continents display their representative artworks through distinctive artistic approach and various media including paintings, videos and installations. 


Fang Wei was born in 1968 in China, currently lives and works in Shanghai. His paintings neither depict specific objects nor subject matters. Instead, he sets free his wild and uninhibited fantasies by releasing vibrant colours and emotions, usually using oil on canvas and watercolour on paper as medium to depict the portraits and figures within landscapes. For a long period of time, Fang has been intrigued with the inherent qualities of human nature, to which he takes an embracing attitude to address its excitement, fear, solitude, ecstasy and sorrows. With an absurd, exaggerated, surreal approach, he employs a palette of dense and gorgeous colors, and unique strokes of wash technique to construct an array of spiritual imaginations. Fang’s works are characterized with a primitive force of mysticism and a distinct artistic language. He tries to capture the equivocal and the intuitive images from his mind, and these seemingly arbitrary images are in fact the result of the artist’s gradual mediation and rigorous control. Their narratives are multi-faceted and divergent, captivating as they are, a visual sense of hypnosis is at play among the flowing images.


Ricardo Muñoz Izquierdo was born in 1985 in Colombia, currently lives and works in Pereira. He has built a language of his own, characterizing it with a vast range of narrative tools. The result of his work is a collection that resonates and is informed by eschatology, violence, sacred themes, and erotic rawness, while also containing an autobiographical theme; all together producing a work of unique surrealism. Applying this singular methodology of work, he is able to explore diverse techniques without exhausting the achievements of each one. His artworks range from urban, to sound experiments, to illustrating animations, to screen printing, to painting and sculpture, and in performance and art directing. Munoz Izquierdo’s work is invested and interested in exploring associations between graphic languages that contain heavy narrative tools of humour, cynicism, and allegorical deformation.


Trevor Shimizu was born in 1978 in United States, currently lives and works in Long Island City. He borrows ironically from the romantic messiness of an expressive tradition of painting. His paintings, drawings and installations are structured by situational comedy.


Ken Kagami was born in 1974 in Japan, currently lives and works in Tokyo. He creates artwork in which the everyday is transformed into a joke; works produced using common materials found in everyday life, including up-to-date topics presented in mainstream media. In such ordinary symbols of consumer culture, there exists a poignant ordinariness, however this is uplifted via a creative transformation of the ordinary into something more positive and optimistic.


Alfred Boman was born in 1981 in Sweden, currently lives and works in Stockholm. His acidic paintings incorporate a teeming mixture of influences ranging widely across past aesthetics, and contemporary mass image cultures. Besides assimilating rubrics from art history, Boman’s works digest visual language akin to videogames, and bong shop psychedelia. Within his paintings there are also traces of indigenous and folk art traditions, and the way these visuals are re-appropriated into souvenir replicas, tribal tattoos and fantasy lore. The vestiges of Modernism are also spotted in his works, but filtered through countless amateur iterations and mutations, and reanimated with dirty autobody techniques. Boman reconfigures these influences with an internalized dexterity and rhythm, an inherent formal logic and pictorial wittiness. The works seem to grow out of a free thought that winds in and out of our reality and the subconscious dream world. There is a wild energy, almost a natural force, in the works that, with their organic imagery, seem to emanate from a life-spark, and a central vitality for everything that grows and exists. The condensed atmosphere of the image plane in its multitude of colours and layers, along with the curving and twisting animals and shapes dancing across the surface, becomes a picture of the life force that permeates our lives and the life that is in the world.


Agnieszka Polska was born in 1985 in Poland, currently lives and works in Warsaw. She positions her computer-generated media works in an intricate relationship between language, science and history, using them to focus on the individual and social responsibility. She attempts to describe the overwhelming ethical ambiguity of our time by poetic means and the relationship between an individual and their surroundings by constantly shifting of the narrative through different scales. The protagonists of her animated videos and films are often historical artists - those who left art or discredited their own role as an artist. Polska’s videos take a hallucinatory form, composed largely of found, digitally manipulated images. Many of her works examine various processes of influence, legitimisation or exclusion in the fields of language, consciousness and history. In order to describe these processes, Polska deliberately uses visual and acoustic stimuli to affect the viewer’s brain - in other words, she triggers a very physical feeling of being immersed in what is being watched.


About Condo

Established by gallerist Vanessa Carlos in London, 2016 and subsequently introduced to New York by Simone Subal and Nicole Russo in 2017, Condo was brought to São Paulo, Mexico City and Shanghai by Jaqueline Martins, Pamela Echeverría and Lorraine Malingue respectively in 2018. Condo takes its name from ‘condominium’ and represents a new format for international galleries to collaborate in exhibition-making. The initiative encourages the evaluation of existing models, pooling resources and acting communally to propose an environment that is more conducive for experimental gallery exhibitions to take place internationally. Following its hugely successful launch last year, the 2019 edition will feature a total of 21 galleries and spaces working together for a collaborative exhibition across 7 local Shanghai art spaces. The 7 Shanghai art spaces will host 14 international galleries from cities including London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Mexico City and Guatemala City, displaying major works by their represented artists alongside those of the host spaces.


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