AIKE is delighted to present Jiang Cheng’s solo exhibition “U”, displaying the series paintings of the same name. The exhibition will be on view from September 5 until October 17, 2020.


The titles of this exhibition and artworks “U” could be regarded as the abbreviation of “You”. In the aspect of artistic creation, it points to the canvas facing the artist and bearing traces. In a broader sense, it refers to the world “I” encounter outside self-consciousness.


Jiang Cheng has been influenced by the American contemporary artist Cy Twombly, he was also inspired by the confident and fearless state of his daughter when she started to babble and paint. The painting process of “U” series is accomplished directly under one effort without any control, manipulation or modification. This way of artistic creation is a close combat between the artist himself and all kinds of inertia and habit in art history and its current situation. As Jiang Cheng confronts and combats like a warrior, traces of free body movements are left on the large scale canvas, the patterns on canvas are shifting rapidly and the situations are gradually forming. The image and countenance of the character also convey a sublime gesture of free will and intransigence. Jiang Cheng considers painting as a life activity, artworks are not just creations of artists, but an organism, the subject itself. “U” is the object of “I”, opposite of “I”, reality of “I”, “U” is the everything “I” face.

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